Universal Polytechnic College

Universal Polytechnic College

Universal Polytechnic College (UPC) is a private and full-time higher vocational college approved by the Mongolian Ministry of Education in June 2013.

Universal Polytechnic College is located in Bayangol District, near by the Mongolian National University Campus, currently we recruit students who are graduated from 9th grade of middle school degree embracing 10 majors of vocational education including Construction of interior, Welders, electrician, Cook, plumber, accountant treasurer, Carpenter, Mining drill master, underground exploration drills during the 2.5 years. We offer the 1.5-2 years program for bridge technician, Safety Technician, Electrical Technician major to the students who are graduated from 12th year’s high school degree. Also after the graduation of UPC our students are able to upgrade their degree and earn the Bachelor degree for 1.5-2 years at Mongolian National University. There are specialties for higher vocational education. At present, the college has a full-time enrollment of over 500 students, and a teaching faculty and staff of 30 including associate professors as well as a group of outstanding lecturers.

The college incessantly deepens its teaching reform, and builds up a professional model with distinctive characteristics.


To achieve a leading position in technical education and to impart quality education and competency based training by providing a productive, comfortable learning atmosphere to fulfill the need of the students.


The Universal Polytechnic College aims to inculcate value-based technical education and the character of the younger generation enabling Mongolian youth to fit into a wider world and pursue socially productive careers and meet the challenging needs of the industry, society and the country.

Quality Policy

Universal Polytechnic College is committed to produce technically competent students with the necessary skills and character especially from among the Mongolian youth, to meet the emerging needs of the Industry and Society