MNU’s 2014-2018 strategic plan requires implementation, cooperation and relations with ethical and effective domestic and international partners to achieve the objectives of Mongolia National Human Rights and Development. MNU is committed to intensive activities within all fields of educational organizations, and scientific research centers by joining foreign organizations of higher education to create regional zones to address issues related to improved foreign relations, student and professional training, and research work. Implementation of such works requires establishing a cooperative research center, organizing student exchange programs, joint seminars, sports and arts events, and a 3+1 program for Masters, Doctorates and researchers. The research centers will facilitate exchanges of educational and research materials and books to support the fields of Education, Science, Culture and Economics. These initiatives have commenced with the partners and affiliates [shown below] of the US, Europe, and Asia.

MNU cooperates with partner universities within the following areas of activity:

  • Student exchange programs;
  • Professor exchanges for lecture, studies and research;
  • Student internship program
  • Educational exploration and tourism in Mongolia;
  • Exchanges of teaching materials and scientific and academic literature;
  • Activities in international training, joint scientific conferences, partner workshops, and foreign language training
  • Invite visiting professors

Our students in Taiwan, Ming Chuan University

Our students in India, Lovely Professional University

Our students in Korea, Jeonju Vision University

Our students in China, Information Technology University

Our students in Russia