Mongolian National University, with its 15 year history, has distinguished itself as the leading private university in Mongolia. Established by MNU Chairman Munkhbat Lkhagvasuren in 1998 and led by a distinguished leadership team, Mongolian National University is guided by a spirit of optimism for the Mongolia and is dedicated to continue to produce the future leaders of the country. With this goal, MNU is dedicated to creating an environment for innovation and creativity, for both the faculty and the students. We are proud of our many accomplishments.

Mongolia has many advantages for scientific research and innovation. Mongolian National University is training our faculty and building the facilities on the MNU campus - the Mongolian National Innovation & Technology Center – where the latest technologies from around the world will come together. The International Relations department at MNU has initiated relationships with leading universities around the world in the areas of renewable energy, medicine, agriculture and environmental studies. The relationships with the University of California / UC Solar, Jeong Ju University, Ming Chuan University, and Stanford University / School of Medicine have already resulted in original research projects conducted here in Mongolia, published scientific documentation, and continuing education seminars that were sanctioned and supported by departments within the Government of Mongolia.

These relationships are just the beginning of a bright future for MNU, and we are confident that the best is yet to come. Mongolian National University will continue to encourage and develop the future leaders of Mongolia, demonstrating that their ambitions, abilities and leadership can be an example not only here in Mongolia, but throughout the world.

Vice President, International Relations, Marketing & Investment

Mongolian National University