Students pursue their interests within MNU’s extensive collections of research resource books and video libraries. Internet via MNU’s WiFi network is available to MNU students and staff in all libraries 7-days a week. MNU encourages all students to attend library orientation sessions to learn the basics of searching for relevant materials and improving their foreign language skills.
MNU, in addition to its 3 academic buildings has an enclosed sports facility, students dormitory large conference hall, Theater, furnished laboratories, a café shop, restaurants, tourist camps and hotels.

Student Development

  • Professional Skills via Internships and competitions
  • Communication Skills via speaking practice, and competitions
  • Foreign Language Proficiency via competitions
  • Responsibility via homework, tutoring of fellow students, internships
  • Team and employee loyalty via Internships and competitions
  • Problem Solving Ability via homework, internships and competitions
  • Team Working Ability via internships and competitions
  • Leadership via all the above
  • Empowerment via all the above

Student Clubs

MNU students can join 17 different clubs to satisfy their interests. Clubs include: “Nogoon Zam” tourism club’; “Ecology” club; “Kindo” self defense club; Judo, aerobic exercise club; debating club; “Khishigten” sports club (basketball, soft tennis, Judo and chess); English Language club the “Five Stars” Hotel Management club and others.

Cyber University
MNU offers a 4-year on-line course of study. Students outside the city and in international locations can now receive all course information on curriculums and attend lectures, seminars, complete their homework, take exams and participate in activities via smart phone, computer tablet and desktop computers.